Inversao Sexual: Inversao Sexual nos Homens (Inversão Sexual Livro 3) (Portuguese Edition)

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Thank you for this explication. Learning a foreign language is an ongoing activity and it is always a pleasure to discover that there is always something we don't know! Insulting is something that should absolutely be avoided in Brazil, but sometimes it can be necessary. Also it's good to know what people say if they insult you. Please, be very careful using these phrases. Some of them are VERY strong. Fuck you, faggot.

A sociologia de Pierre Bourdieu

Vai se danar. Fuck you. Up your ass. Vai para o inferno. Go to hell. Vai pra puta que te pariu. Se liga na porra da tua vida caralho. Mind your own fucking business.

Go give your ass. Put it in your ass and keep rolling. Put your finger into your asshole and rip it off. Didn't you like it? Then stick your finger up your ass and spin it. Comi tua mae. I fucked your mother. Your mom hit the meat with her tits. Go fuck yourself, you goddamn piece of shit! Masca merda. You eat shit. Your mom's ass is so big that a subway train could pass through it with no problems. You're so stupid, people pity you. You're so ugly you should shave your ass and walk backwards. Vou te estuprar com um abacaxi, sua bicha safada. I'll fuck your ass with a pineapple, you filthy faggot.

Vou cagar na sua cara. I'll shit in your face. That girl is a fucking ugly. Go to fart in water and make bubbles. Your family is motherfucker cursed. OK, I can go on forever, but I guess these are sufficient. Can someone tell me how these kind of shoes are called in Portuguese?

Full text of "Facts and fictions of Antonio Lobo Antunes /"

Thanks Lover Boy 2, Sapatas elevadas means high heels, right? And what about the belt going up the calf? Obviously this is some kind of idiosyncrasy in Portuguese. Could someone please say what this actually means? Almost all the ads state this so it can't be too exotic, thanks. Sorry boys it's supper time for me. I'll come back tomorrow with more words.

Sui Generis-- Thanks, that could have been a big mistake! Leave the strap-ons at home. My worst mistake ever with a Brazilian website I was just clicking away not knowing what the words meant was when I clicked Boneca. Not for the faint of heart. Got a short e-mail from a GDP that included a word I cannot find a translation for - socinho - anyone know what this word means? Boneca is a word with several meaning: It can mean a doll.


It can also mean a very beautiful woman. Sui Generis, Thanks for the info. This is something I didn't know. Now I'm forewarned. This answer baffled me a little bit because that's a strange way I thought to answer this question Habitually she always reply: Bem good or mau bad I have to add that I know that she is planning to visit her familiy in Minas Gerais for Christmas.

I thought she was already in Minas Gerais. I was perplexed.

Fantasias sexuais do meu esposo - libido e tesão em você sem traição!

Any experts on the board? This is how I interpret it: When you asked "Como vai voce? The verb "ir" is "vai" in the present, "indo" in the gerund form.

Structure and transition

Basically she's saying it's not great, but she's hanging in there. Maybe, she was braking up with you, like 'I am gone' from you.

Sui Generis, 'Estou indo' means 'I am going,' not 'I am gone. Now as to what she meant. Since she is planning a trip, she may just have been reaffirming that she is still going on the trip.

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It also may have been just a casual comment, just as in English when someone asks 'how's it going,' you can reply 'it's going,' which has a semi-humorous connotation. I think her comment may have been the Brazilian equivalent.


So I think your friend's reply that it means 'I feel so and so' may be right on the mark. Hope this helps. I receive this message all the time from my "brasilian girlfriend". She will use it the following way. I will ask where are you?

A sociologia de Pierre Bourdieu - PDF Free Download

What time are you coming here.? When she is just about to leave her house to come to mine she will say "Estou indo" as in she "is going" or as one would say in English "i am coming". I have found that my ability to understand Portuguese depends largely on the speaker. I have one friend who I encourage to text message me rather than call me. She sent me a message yesterday with "Estou indo" and I had no idea. Thank you everybody for the answers to my question.